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Cloud-ready means more
control of digital enablement
and reputation.

CloudMarc’s rigorous testing + development methods Streamline
hardware and software, creating flexible and scalable digital experiences.

Improve Technology

Optimise overall software performance + automate development processes for a digitally enabled, scalable environment.

Protect Reputation

Monitor quality metrics and ensure they’re met across all processes in the SDLC. When systems go down, you risk your reputation sinking with it.

Support Teams & Customers

Create a solid IT culture that strives for successful transformation based on trust and reliability. Improve your staff + customer experience.

Strong protection. More productivity.

Remaining competitive in the market matters that’s why we’re firm believers of continuous innovation. CloudMarc R & D teams identify new technology trends that address business needs for innovation and efficiency.

There’s always a way
to do it better. Start with the plan.
Save on the stress.

Bring products to
market a lot faster.

Reduce cloud complexity and system maintenance with DevOps. Through faster access to development environments and streamlined development processes, your products are released faster and effectively.

  • Automate build processes
  • Automate deployment
  • Detect any defects early
DevOPs & Cloud Services here >

Innovate for any
evolving environment.

CloudMarc development services assist business with creating their software apps more innovatively. Now businesses can better create new channels, products, and improve operational efficiency.

  • Integrate API ecosystems
  • Innovate new products
  • Improve client connectivity
Development Services here >

Eliminate defects,
errors and problems.

Streamline redundant processes ‘without a hitch’ with CloudMarc’s automation engineering services. Testing of systems is essential for solving issues in your development, business and customer service processes.

  • Reduce time + effort
  • Organise centralised systems
  • Increase customer
Automation Engineering here >

Optimise software

Give your clients a great experience. CloudMarc’s performance engineering services ensures quality and stability during all integrations while significantly improving the experience and your bottom line.

  • Identify scalability issues
  • Highlight hardware constraints
  • Detect potential bottlenecks in software
Performance Engineering here >

How trustworthy is a digital
environment that’s never been
tested for a breach?

Quality Engineering Services.

Improve the quality of products and services overall whilst reducing waste. CloudMarc Quality Engineering implements quality metrics and ensure they are met across all processes within your SDLC.

View Quality Engineering
CloudMarc strengthens the delivery of products, especially high-quality products. We’ll enhance the feedback response mechanism and implement advanced monitoring.

Build confidence. Not vulnerability.

Define risks, identify vulnerabilities and build a security blueprint. This informs your digital strategy. CloudMarc ensures your organisation is as secure and resilient in this digital environment as possible.

View Security Services
Once we’ve developed a clear strategy and security plan for your business, penetration testing begins. This gives us the technical insights we need to prepare an effective crisis response for you.
“While it’s been great how CloudMarc are able to provide quality resources despite the current market challenges, what sets them apart are their ability to understand the business problem and discuss viable cost effective options.”

Ben Cordeiro, CIO

“We have been continually impressed by the quality of resources provided and the level of engagement by the management staff. CloudMarc are quick to respond, quick to provide great options and quick to mobilise people to meet our requirements.”

Will Erskine, General Manager PBT Group Australia

“Quality, quality & quality! It’s been a pleasure to have CloudMarc on board in our development teams due to the absolutely quality individuals associated with the team. The team at CloudMarc have provided high calibre engineering consultants, who do fantastic high quality work and all have been high quality people; showing great integrity, responsiveness, initiative and attentiveness.”

Robert Crocitti, Head of Product Engineering, Australia Post

“Working with CloudMarc has been a breeze. They took the time to understand our needs, and found the right consultants to support our growing technology business. CloudMarc’s consultants produced consistently excellent work and were able to integrate seamlessly into our engineering teams. Their insightful presence in our workplace continues to elevate the quality of our technology solutions.”

Jake Pedley, Chief Technology Officer, Health Recon Connect