Systems scalable
to handle peak
load + growth.

For CloudMarc system performance is designed to support business growth. Feel satisfied that your end users are having the best possible experience using your product or service.
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Does it do what you promised?

Size it up.

Identify and fix potential bottlenecks in your software along with poor scalability issues well before you deploy your finished product. With CloudMarc you achieve:

  • Stable and reliant UX
  • Reduced system and hardware costs
  • Early detection of product performance issues
  • Sustainability in dynamic digital landscapes

How well does your application
perform under true workload?

CloudMarc risk based performance assessments identify and mitigate any bottlenecks
that could hinder the quality and success of your product.


  • Enterprise risk assessment
  • Proof of concept (select the right tool for the job)
  • Non functional requirements


Design + Create
  • Test approach/strategy
  • Design performance scenarios
  • Design test data approach
  • Create scripts
  • Create scenarios & data


  • Execute tests
  • Analyse results & identify bottlenecks
  • Continuous improvements


  • Monitoring
  • Reporting and recommendations

Build a system that
performs exactly how it should,
right from the start.

CloudMarc develop and execute strategies to ensure your application is built for performance, from the very beginning. Systems are built with levels of speed, scalability, and responsiveness to meet performance requirements and continually scale to generate a competitive advantage.

Risk Assessment.
Find it faster.

Guided by our specialists and using a risk-based approach to performance testing, CloudMarc test your solutions the best way possible giving you ‘bang for buck’ and mitigating your performance risks.

  • Risk workshops
  • Mitigation plans
  • Targeted testing

Architecture Reviews.
Deconstruct it.

Your architecture needs to be optimal for your need. Our experts facilitate knowledge interchange with the aim of improving software quality.

  • Design workshops
  • Implementation plans
  • Capacity & technical discussions

Technology & Tools.
Fix it.

CloudMarc guides organisations to select tools that have an enterprise application, not just for a particular job where tools become ‘shelfware’ after the project ends. You can also access support required for ad-hoc projects.

  • Right tool for the job
  • Opensource vs. Commercial
  • Tool pros & cons

Monitoring & Reporting
Resolve it.

Application performance monitoring (APM) is essential to help optimise and monitor the performance of your applications. CloudMarc configures APM tools to provide valuable insights of your business.

  • Metrics to support decision making
  • To identify failure points
  • Dashboards for support teams to provide quick responses when failures occur

Maximise the potential of your product.

Are you ready?

Releasing software that hasn’t been
performance tested can result in
4 x the original budget to fix.



The amount of increased
traffic GQ experienced
once they reduced their
website load time from
7 to 2 seconds.



of respondents exit
applications and transact
on a different platform
when faced with
a broken image.




Estimated cost of
downtime per year for
59% of Fortune 500